If you are looking for an individual and unique solution in staircase design, we are the company you should talk to

We plan and create wooden staircases in various designs and also adapt them to fit your exact expectations and requirements. What’s more, we work entirely with our own wood types and work them in our own sawmill, which means that we can vouch for the high quality of the material.

High-quality workmanship of our wooden stairs

A wooden staircase doesn’t just exude elegance and cosiness; its light appearance is often what stands out. Unlike staircases made of stone or concrete, a wooden staircase with a modern design makes a room airier and thus cosier.

This is why we offer our customers a rich variety of designs and other options. It also ensures that personal requirements and building regulations are satisfied.

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Staircase design

Buy Wooden Stairs – Real quality work from Saxony

Our exceptionally skilful employees create staircases, single steps and banisters with the highest care and precision to ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect.

As we also have our own sawmill and thus produce the material for the staircase ourselves, our options are almost unlimited.

Enjoy the attractive and elegant appearance of the stairs, feel the solid and supple surface of each step or run your hand over the wooden banister. You will be surprised what an enormous difference real quality work can make.

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Wooden stairs in different variants

In order to satisfy you, the customer, and to offer you the highest possible level of flexibility, we manufacture wooden staircases in completely different formats and versions.

From elegant spiral staircases with a small footprint to high-quality solid-wood staircases with ledges and elegant sweeps. Enjoy the high level of flexibility when you buy one of our wooden staircases.

Our wooden staircases are produced exactly to the required dimensions to satisfy both your expectations and the building requirements. You can make your dreams for your home a reality easily and efficiently with our wooden staircases while also benefiting from our years of experience in building wooden staircases. It makes no difference to us if you are still building your property or if you would like to install a staircases into an existing property.

We can plan and create individual staircases of all shapes for you using the renewable resource of wood. Our wooden staircase production is focused on creating a stable solution that will suit your home and fit harmoniously into the overall picture.


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Elegant wooden banisters


Our high-quality wood can, naturally, not only be used for different wooden staircases, but also for the matching banisters.

To match your wooden staircase, we also develop beautiful, elegant and, on request, playful wooden banisters that round off the staircase and provide extra safety. It goes without saying that you will have a direct influence on the design and creation of your banisters so that you can go on to enjoy the staircase of your dreams and its perfect look in your home. We offer you a comprehensive consultation service when planning your wooden banisters. It is not always the case that the same wood has to be used for the stairs and the banisters.

A deft combination of different woods allows us to offer you a new and interesting look that will turn your wooden staircase into a real eye-catcher.

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More than just stairs

Not only do we offer wooden staircases in various versions, but we also provide also high-quality floors made of solid wood types. As we work all the wood in our own sawmill, we are able to offer you a very wide range of different woods and forms of woodworking. Not only do we create real one-offs in the desired level of quality, we also take our ecological balance seriously. We even sell firewood and building timber at attractive prices, meaning we make full use of all trees, which is a more environmentally friendly approach. Many buyers are initially put off because they expect the prices of high-quality staircases to be very high. Compared with alternative staircases made out of other materials, however, it is important to consider the context. Our high-quality wooden staircases are not only made to measure, they are also adapted to satisfy your exact expectations.


If well cared for, a wooden staircase of this kind lasts a lifetime and will set the tone for the appearance of your house and your living space for years to come. It is therefore well worth buying a staircase like this and thus investing in the future. Easy to care for and clean, and with a unique charm, our wooden staircases will make a splash in any environment.

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Wood stairs production – Planning and design of your individual wooden stairs

Holztreppen - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Attractive prices and a comprehensive assortment set us apart when it comes to the construction of wooden staircases. We will also be happy to offer you a comprehensive consultation regarding the various options and solutions that we offer.

Our specialist advisors will help you during the construction phase with the planning and design of your individual staircase.

Whether you would like a spiral staircase, a straight staircase or even a mortised design:

We can offer you the right solution for every request.

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Various wooden stairs variants possible thanks our collections

Die Kollektion Vintage: Geölte Fußbodendielen für Kenner und Ästheten


Vintage Kollektion

Minimalisten schätzen die Eigenschaften der Holzfußboden Kollektion Original


Original Kollektion


Individual Kollektion


Luxury Kollektion


Basic Kollektion

Black gold – Individual Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


2019 Kollektion

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We create your custom wooden staircase with the highest quality

If you are unsure of your selection, don’t know exactly which staircase would be right for you or if you would like the entire planning to be handled by an outside contractor, we will be pleased to get in touch with your architects.