Wooden floors manufacturing with high quality woods

We are the right partner for you when it comes to woodworking, interior design and building timber.

Floorboards, parquet floors, baseboards and wooden stairs manufacturing in Saxony

Förderung nachhaltiger Waldwirtschaft

Wood Trade from Leipzig

We produce high quality wooden floors, floorboards, parquet floors, baseboards and wooden stairs.

Enjoy the warm ambience of a natural interior thanks to a high-quality wooden floor that goes well with your furniture.


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Our Products

Wood is a popular raw material. Over millennia, it has allowed humans to construct tools and buildings. Discover excellent floor coverings and staircases made by our artisans.

Living ideas & business solutions

Using high-quality woods to design and construct homes and workspaces brings a lot of natural advantages. Wood insulates, promotes good acoustics and helps to control the room’s climate.

Wooden floorboards

Our experts can produce parquet, wooden floorboards and matching skirting boards from individual designs. No limits are imposed on your design ideas. We prefer to make wooden floors and parquet from highest-quality oak. On request, we can also work with other, expensive high-grade woods.

A high-quality wooden floor will see out decades

Choose a modern wooden floor and add a fresh and natural flair to old rooms.

Parquet and floorboards do not require much care and still last for decades.

We can offer you various timeless and modern collections or we can follow your designs.

Solid-wood floorboards

Solid-wood floorboards made of oak are a real eye-catcher within a modern ambience. If you are looking for a top-quality wooden floor, oak is your best choice. The wood demonstrates the ideal hardness and, even if it is heavily used, is seldom dented or scratched. Discover our engineered and solid wood flooring.

Solid-wood floorboards made of oak are a real eye-catcher within a modern ambience.

We can cut and lay floorboards made of light-coloured and solid oak in various widths and thicknesses.

Together, we will find the perfect wooden floor for your home.

Custom-made production of high-quality & elegant floor collections.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards protect both walls and expensive furniture. They also form a custom-fit transition between the wall and the floor. Our skirting boards complement our parquet and wood floors to form a harmonious whole. We can offer you the skirting boards in the same design and material that your floor has.

Wooden skirting boards

This lets you create a homely and cosy ambience where high-quality skirting boards are the icing on the cake.

Our range offers a large number of different suggestions as to size and materials.

Wooden stairs

They are considered a master class in woodworking. Together with the experts in our sawmill, we can design your wooden staircase. We do not shy away from making special and intricate designs a reality. We are happy to match the colour and design of the staircase to your wooden floor.

We can plan the perfect staircase for you

We can plan the perfect staircase for you, or else we can follow your designs and ideas.

Intricate banisters made of exquisite woods or carefully designed metal elements round off your staircase.

Wooden staircases can last for decades if they are cared for, and renovation is generally not required.

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About our long-established company

In our long-established company we love and live to work with high-quality woods. Our sawmill has stood in Luppa/Wermsdorf, near Leipzig, in Saxony for over 100 years. What started as a tract of woodland and a sawmill is now a highly regarded family-run company. We believe in high-quality woodworking using exquisite woods, tough yet stylish floorings and elegant wooden staircases.

We pass on our knowledge of floorings, skirting boards, firewood and woodworking from generation to generation

Our artisanal craft has always focused on parquet and wooden floorboards. This makes us an expert partner when it comes to interior decorating with wooden floors, wooden floorboards or fitting the right skirting boards.

We produce parts, wooden floorboards and wooden floors ourselves in our own sawmill. We also refine them in our carpentry shop. This means that we can guarantee appropriate and pristine floor coverings of the highest quality. Homeowners, restaurateurs and hoteliers across the country place their trust in our outstandingly crafted wood elements.

Sawmill in Luppa (Wermsdorf) at Leipzig

In addition to customised floors and interior design, we also offer many ways of sourcing woods directly from us. We can supply you with high-quality firewood for your fireplace. Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting in front of the fire on a cold winter’s evening.

Sawmill in Luppa (Wermsdorf) at Leipzig

Sit back with a glass of good wine and enjoy the peace and quiet. We will supply you with the right firewood.

We also offer a large selection of different native woods via our wood shop. Our logs and building timber all come from suppliers in this region. That means that they come from German and PEFC- and FSC-certified European forests.

Purchase your favourite types of wood for workshops and carpentry shops from us. Decorate your home as you please with wood for beams, wood ceilings, wall panelling or furniture – we will cut the wood to your specifications.

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We are happy to advise you on the furnishing of your living space and real estate

Discover the wide variety of our services and our woodworking by visiting our premises. From Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., our specially trained employees are available to meet you at our sawmill. We will be pleased to show you the available types of wood and some sample pieces. You can also purchase building timber and firewood directly from the sawmill. To place an order, simply get in touch with us at +49 (0) 34361 51577 or send an e-mail to info@holz-baran.de

Order wooden floor directly from the manufacturer

Effective and direct shipping of our wood products. Are you planning a new build or some renovation work and you are interested in having our team provide you with floorings, staircases or interior design? Make a consultation appointment and let us show you what our expertise can do for you!