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If you are looking for high-quality two-layer floorboards, you will find them here.

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Exclusive and individual two-layer parquet floors in the best quality

Two-layer floorboard construction

What’s special about floorboards made using the multilayer method is the high level of comfort offered by better cushioning. The top, wearing layer is made of finest oak. For the lower layer, we use multiplex birch planks.

The offset arrangement of the layers means that these solid-wood floorboards have fewer gaps than other floorboards. What’s more, air pockets cannot form between the walking surface and the base.

In our sawmill and carpentry shop, we produce outstanding two-layer floorboards out of oak and other high-grade woods.

Production of 2-layer planks made of oak wood and other precious woods

2-Schicht Dielen - Holzfüßböden - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

We offer you different types of two-layer floorboards

Both old and renovated living spaces are better insulated by these modern floor coverings. This design is therefore a good choice when renovating an existing property.

Wooden flooring for underfloor heating

The floorboards come with an overall thickness of 16 or 20 mm. Heat is conducted perfectly.

This makes multi-layer floorboards the perfect wooden flooring for use with underfloor heating.

Buy parquet wooden floor of the highest quality directly from the manufacturer

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2-Layer Boards Prima


Natural colouring & structure

The Prima collection is known for its natural colouring and structure. The floor is finely patterned and the boards do not form a continuous pattern where they meet.

The growth rings are distributed randomly and ingrown knurls of up to 15 millimetres in diameter are permissible.

These two-layer floorboards can be oiled, are generally sapwood-free and are finer than the second variant.

2-Layer Boards Striking

2-Layer Boards - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Clearly visible patterns

In choosing our Striking floorboards, you are purchasing an unspoiled flooring type. Patterns are clearly visible and ingrown knurls of up to 60 millimetres are permissible.

This gives a broadly offset pattern without any fluent transitions. Dark eyes and irregular lines are the order of the day.

The floor appears more solid than the first variant. There are smoothed losses and sapwood of up to 15 millimetres in diameter is permissible on the edges.

Professional specialist advice for wooden floor coverings

We are happy to advise you regarding suitable floor coverings for your home and workspace

Laying parquet contributes to an agreeable living environment.

Wooden flooring stores heat and contributes to good acoustics. Untreated or oiled floorboards also add impressive visual touches.

If you would like to buy two-layer floorboards, we can offer you a comprehensive consultation from the very beginning of planning.

Parquet floor laying

Umfassender Service für unsere Kunden

Together we can investigate what requirements you have for your flooring. Knowing the location where the floorboards are to be laid is also important for planning.

You decide whether you would like us to lay the boards or have it done by an external service provider.

Which skirting boards for parquet?

Which skirting boards for parquet?

Our experts can advise you on the parquet you choose and on the matching skirting boards.

We will be happy to measure the surface you wish to cover and can calculate the price based on the type of wood, the dimensions and the service you require.

Parquet skirting boards

Welche Sockelleisten bei Parkett?

How we manufacture our floorboards

In our sawmill and the attached carpentry shop, we prepare the oak and manufacture the floorboards ourselves.

This allows us to guarantee you comprehensive service including when it comes to woodworking.

So fertigen wir unsere Dielen

Buy custom made wooden floorboards

The floorboards are planned and tailored exactly in accordance with your requirements. On the one hand, this gives you a wooden floor that fits in perfectly with your home or workspace.

Cut to your specified dimensions accurate to the millimetre and in the thickness your require. On the other hand, this also makes each of our two-layer floorboards a valuable one of a kind.

Certified products

By choosing one of our two-layer floorboards, you are purchasing a sustainably manufactured and regional product.

We source our oak and other solid woods from the forests in our region. We also ensure that our wood is certified by the FSC® and the PEFC.

Fragen Sie uns nach PEFC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about PEFC certified products.

Fragen Sie uns nach FSC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about FSC®-certified products.

These stamps indicate that the forests in question have been planted sustainably, are managed in a manner that protects the climate and have been planted with diverse species. The wood is visibly healthy and felling does not do any damage to the forest.

Buying a wooden floor with two-layer floorboards

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH is your partner when it comes to woodworking, flooring and solid-wood floorboards. We are located in Luppa, near Leipzig, in Saxony.

We have passed the secret of perfect floorboards down for three generations.

In our sawmill, we can plan and manufacture your parquet flooring and the skirting boards to go with it. You have a skilled partner throughout the entire process, from the first draft to the purchase.

Exclusive floorboards, personal consultation

Every pattern is unique and every parquet floor is one of a kind. That is why we set great store by what our customers want.

As far as we’re concerned, the floorboards are perfect when you say they are. If you have any queries, just contact our specialists.

We can advise you all about materials and prices. Our wood experts can explain to you the benefits of two-layer floorboards.

Our team can provide you with consultation and, on request, will also lay your new flooring

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Two-layered floorboards from HOLZ-BARAN GmbH are an exclusive product. Individualised, tailored to your needs, oiled and occasionally varnished or waxed.

We look after choosing the right wood, the manufacturing process and the logistics.

If, for example, you would also like to install underfloor heating, we will be pleased to advise you on how to lay the floorboards.

Our wooden floor collections

Contact us!

Whatever type of woodworking you would like for your floorboards, we can offer it.

Are you as yet undecided as to what type of solid-wood floorboards you would like to purchase?

Come and take a look at our sawmill. We can show you samples and references. Find out what prices and costs you can expect.

Experience the woodworking of high-quality parquet in person. Simply make an appointment by sending an e-mail or by telephone: +49 (0) 34361 51577. We look forward to receiving your order!