High-quality & elegant wooden floors of the Basic collection

Basic Wooden Floor Collection

The Basic wooden floor collection is for individuals who want to give their own finishing touches to their wooden floors.

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The floorboards in the Basic series are just right for people who are looking for a high-quality wood flooring that offers a little extra

floor covering that exudes warmth and has an impressive and unconventional look is always a special element in a room.

The wooden floorboards are available solid, primed and unprimed, and sanded.

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH takes its customers’ requests seriously and offers you the ability to create a unique and individual floor.

The Basic series: Oak floorboards in different adaptations

Oak is robust, durable and hard-wearing. The warmth and calm it exudes really come into their own with a parquet floor made of oak. The Basic floor collection offers you several variants.

Oak, the natural material with a warm ambience

Hochwertige Holzdielen aus Eiche altern stilvoll!

High-quality oak floorboards age with style. While cheap, mass-produced floors quickly look unkempt once they develop signs of wear, solid floor coverings retain their beauty. Marks and patina show that the floor covering is part of the life of that room.

This is where the Basic floor collection shows its individual look, a look that loses nothing of its special aura even after many years of intense use. If you choose from this collection, you will buy a wooden floor that meets high demands.

The surface finish of these wooden floorboards can be either primed or unprimed and sanded.

Possible uses for Rustic Oak, Natural Oak and Striking Oak

Our team can offer you comprehensive advice on all floors in the Basic collection.

We will be happy to fulfil your special requests.

We at HOLZ-BARAN GmbH have comprehensively expanded our collections over the years and adapted our selection accordingly to the wishes and ideas of our customers.

Talk to us and we will find the optimum solution for your requirements.

The floors in the Basic collection are suitable for many purposes.

The Basic flooring collection offers you different variants.

Comprehensive advice

Umfassender Service für unsere Kunden

We can offer you comprehensive advice on the differences between the various finishes.

We will also be happy to tell you about the different ways you can use our floor coverings.

Come and get inspired and put your own ideas into practice.

Oiled Striking Oak

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Oiled Striking Oak also offers a persuasively agreeable and warm colour tone

As for the floorboards, these have a fascinating and striking knurled structure. Their high quality and attractive vibe make laying them a real pleasure. This pleasure will continue day after day once you have laid the exquisite and individual floor covering in your space.

All variants are suitable not only for home use, but also for business or the hospitality sector.

Natural Oak

Fußbodendielen Eiche Natur

Natural Oak from the Basic wooden floor collection has a particularly warm colour tone

The oiled floorboards are bound to be a charming eye-catcher in the ambience of your space. When laid as parquet, these boards lend any room depth and character.

It can be your starting point for creating an individual interior; you can add, say, modern decoration and one or two pieces of antique furniture as a contrast.

The beautiful colour tone of these floorboards is the optimum complement to many living styles.

Rustic Oak

Fußbodendielen Eiche Rustik Geölt

Rustic Oak, as the name suggests, offers a rustic look

This wooden floor goes well with a country house-style ambience, but is also an excellent basis for a Scandinavian look. The clear structure is a real eye-catcher.

The parquet flooring has a subtle and unobtrusive vibe. You can combine it with many colours in your living space. It goes well with both cool and warm colour tones, but is equally well partnered with grey or white. Rustic oak is a beautiful floor covering that contributes to a warm living space.

If you would like to lay wooden floorboards with a slightly rustic style in your office or home workspace, this beautiful floor is a safe choice.

Samples of the wooden floor collection Basic

Oiled Striking Oak

Natural Oiled Oak

Rustic Oiled Oak

Rustik Oiled 2

For the love of wood: Interesting facts about HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH has been active in the woodworking business for more than 100 years. From a patch of forest and a sawmill, a well-known family-run business developed that focuses on wood and wood products.

In Luppa-Wermsdorf, near Leipzig, we make wooden floorboards, wooden floor coverings, wooden staircases and skirting boards.

Our quality standards are high and, to satisfy them, HOLZ-BARAN GmbH employees dedicate themselves to their work with great passion and extensive specialist knowledge.

The company’s expertise covers the entire area of woodworking and wood processing. Customer service and customer satisfaction are just as important.

The wooden floorboards are produced entirely by us

We ensure that all woodworking is done with care and can guarantee exclusive quality.

If you are looking for floor coverings that last a long time and give rooms a certain flair, the Basic collection is a good choice. The investment is certainly worth it. If well look after, a wooden floor made of Rustic, Natural or Striking oak will stay beautiful for a lifetime.

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Basic - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

We ensure the best oak floorboards quality


We ensure the best quality. This guarantees that you will get many years of enjoyment out of these floorboards.

The individual options offered by the collection are:

  • Rustic Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Striking Oak

The overall effect is always what’s important. Take your time looking around our comprehensive assortment. You will also find interesting floor coverings in our Original, Vintage, Luxury and Individual collections.

Our logs and building timber all come from suppliers in this region. That means that they come from German and PEFC- and FSC®-certified European forests.

Fragen Sie uns nach PEFC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about PEFC certified products.

Fragen Sie uns nach FSC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about FSC®-certified products.

Our wooden floor collections

Comprehensive advice from our experts

If you are looking for exclusive and high-quality floorboards, HOLZ-BARAN GmbH is the right place to come.

We are happy to fulfil individual requests and it goes without saying that we will provide you with a full consultation.

Have you already found the right wooden floor for you?

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