High-quality & elegant wooden floors of the Individual collection

Individual Wooden Floor Collection

Structured wooden floors with a wide range of design options.

The wooden floors in the Individual collection offer individualised solutions. This is just right for anyone who would like to add their own creative ideas to the design of a real wooden floor

The wooden floorboards in the Individual collection have been treated with a high-quality oxidative oil that acts as a preservative.

The oxidative oil gives the wood’s surface natural protection. Once applied, it penetrates the pores in the wood and hardens naturally thanks to the oxygen in the air (hence “oxidative”).

The entire wooden floor is optimally protected. The oil’s water- and dirt-repellent properties also protect the wood from stresses due to environmental conditions or use.

Nevertheless, the wood can still breathe optimally and contribute to improving the room’s ambience.

The parquet flooring or floorboards will continue to exude beauty and attractiveness for many years to come.

The wooden floors in the Individual collection offer individualised solutions

Holzdielen für individuelle Wünsche & Bearbeitungen

Whether you choose floorboards or parquet, our high-quality wooden boards can be worked in many different ways.

This collection also offers ready-made and exclusive floorboards in attractive colours, modern designs and in various versions. The luxury is to be found in the detail.

The exclusive designs of the Individual collection

The Individual collection offers you an attractive and comprehensive selection of floorboards in various attractive colours, shapes, designs and styles.

Modern, trendy, rustic, natural or timelessly elegant, these wooden floor coverings reflect exclusivity and outstanding quality.

We offer you unique complete designs that have been professionally produced and have experienced our love of detail.

Buy oak floorboards – hardwood floors in great variety

The wooden floorboards in this collection are largely made of oak, red oak or smoked oak.

We also use other types of wood, such as ash.

High-quality and very well-suited wood types that we source ourselves and process ourselves in our own sawmill.

Comprehensive advice

Umfassender Service für unsere Kunden

Within this collection, we can offer you suggestions, a wide range of models and high-quality ready-made versions for you to choose from.

Alternatively, we can also leave the laying of the wooden floor entirely up to you. We can provide you with the tools you need.

Samples of the wooden floor collection Individual

Black gold

Black satin

Black silver

Dusty snow


Nutty ash

Snow ash

Sand blizzard

Tea oak

Wild bognossi

Wild nut


Stylish wooden floors for individual requests and adaptations

The wooden floors in this collection can be worked – in both structure and colour tone – to suit your individual taste, the style you are aiming for or your existing interior décor.

Some of the possible changes that can be made to the finish include brushing, planing, whitewashing, transverse cutting or the inclusion of artificial woodworm holes.

This means that the natural solid-wood floor coverings can be adapted and refined according to your ideas and wishes regarding look, design, and touch and feel.

Methods for individualising floor coverings and designs

Our solid-wood floor coverings can be individualised in different ways and worked to achieve the desired style.

Read on for more on some of the popular methods available:

We pay attention to the best floorboards quality


This ensures that you will enjoy the floorboards for many years.



On-trend “used” look

Brushing the wood with the grain highlights the graining and the growth rings to maximum effect. The character and uniqueness of each piece of wood really shine through when this refinement method is applied.

Depending on the type of wood and its intensity, different finishes can be attained with regard to structure. Brushing also gives parquet flooring a noticeable natural appearance.

This technique can also be used to attain an attractive antique appearance or an on-trend “used” look.



Individualised look

Planing and scrubbing the floorboards gives a floor a heavily or coarsely structured surface.

The wood is treated with a scrub plan along the grain.

The surface structure has concise ups and downs or even wave-like patterns.

This method can be applied to create a beautifully rustic and particularly individualised look.

Woodworm holes


Imitation woodworm holes

Woodworm holes can be integrated and imitated purposely in the floorboards of the Individual collection.

While real holes made by long-departed woodworm are often smoothed away and considered unsightly, they can also stand for a type of nostalgic charm.

They often lend furniture and wooden floors a certain special something.

Adding imitation woodworm holes can make a new floor look old, antique, used or even retro.



Whitewashed Look

Whitewashing wooden floorboards or parquet flooring gives very special visual results.

The ideal candidate for whitewashing is our large-pored oak from the Individual collection.

This method fills the pores in the wood with a white mass, giving a light patina. The result is an attractive vintage look, a modern “shabby chic” look, the popular whitewashed look or an individualised lighter atmosphere.

It also harmonises wonderfully with a comparable decorating style.

Our wooden floor collections

Consulting & customer service

Our focus is on our customers’ requirements. Whether you are a private customer or a company, we always endeavour to make your individual wishes and ideas for an attractive wooden floor a reality.

The wooden floors in the Individual collection open up a world of design possibilities. There are hardly any limits to your creativity. This is just one of the many wonderful traits of natural wood.

The wooden floorboards in the Individual collection can be rounded off beautifully with our compatible skirting boards.

We are happy to offer you a specialist consultation and, as our focus is always on the customer, will provide you with appropriate and effective solutions even in tricky cases.