Wood is a timeless and enduring material

Once worked into a floor covering, this material reveals its full diversity and beauty. We would like to be able to pass all of this on to you

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH works the material in its own sawmill. We work the wood we source into different end products. This include mostly wooden floorboards as well parquet, wooden flooring and matching skirting boards.

You will find our current recommendations here.


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From the wooden floor collection “Back to nature”

The natural structure of wood has its own individual design. This is also conveyed by the products in our “Back to nature” collection.


Country house floorboard

Holzdielen von höchster Qualität kaufen

Country house floorboard from hardwood

The first floor covering we recommend is our country house floorboard made of hardwood. A model for everyone who would like natural wooden floorboards. It is one of the solid-wood floorboards and is around 20 mm thick. As the floorboards are aligned with the length of the room and have a mixture of widths, a unique overall pattern is formed once they are laid. In order to lay this wooden floor, adhesive needs to be applied to the entire surface, or screw connections need to be used.

Country house floorboards are usually multi-layered wooden floors. If solid-wood floors are used instead, a single piece of wood is used in production instead of multiple layers. This is the case, for example, with the product recommended above. A uniform surface is typical of parquet flooring. Different colours and arrangements allow for plenty of freedom in selecting the style. Robust, long-lasting and timeless – these are the qualities of this wooden floor.

Plank flooring properties

Type of flooring: Landhausdiele aus Laubholz
Construction: massiv
Nut und Feder: 4-seitig Nut und Feder
Sorting: Rustikal
Surface: gealtert, endbehandelt, verlegefertig
Strength: ca.20 mm
Width:  Dielen mit gemischten Breiten
Length: als Raumlänge zwischen 1500 –  ca. 4000 mm verfügbar oder als Standardprogramm zwischen 400-2200/2400 mm
Laying:  als Raumlänge, vollflächige Verklebung o. Verschraubung


Multiplex floorboards

Massivholzdielen aus Eiche

We offer multiplex floorboards in two classes

Our second recommendation is a two-layer (multiplex) floorboard. The wearing layer is European oak, while the substrate is a multiplex board of birch. You can order these floorboards in two different thicknesses. In the 16 mm version, the wearing layer is 4 mm thick, while it is 6 mm thick on the 20 mm version.

We offer multiplex floorboards in two classes: Prima and Markant. With the first class, the floorboards have a natural structure and colouring. The colours flow into one another and the arrangement of the boards can be chosen freely. Ingrown knurls have a maximum diameter of 15 mm. The second class shows different colours and clear transitions between them. Here, the ingrown knurls may be up to 50-60 mm in diameter.

Two-layer (multiplex) flooring properties

Type of flooring:  2-Schicht (Multiplexdiele)
Construction: mehrschichtig, verleimt
Nutzschicht: europäische Eiche
Träger: Birke-Multiplexplatte
Nut und Feder: 4SNut + Feder
Sorting: Prime oder Rustik
Surface: endbehandelt, verlegefertig
Strength: 16mm mit ca.4 mm Nutzschicht, 20mm mit ca. 5 mm Nutzschicht
Width: Dielen mit gemischten Breiten
Length: als Raumlänge zwischen 1500 –  ca. 4000 mm verfügbar oder als Standardprogramm zwischen 400 – 2200/2400 mm
Laying:  vollflächige Verklebung o. Verschraubung

2-Schicht (Multiplexdiele)

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Other products and services

In addition to our current recommendations, you can also order wooden floors from the following collections:


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The selection you make from these floor coverings is entirely down to your requirements, style and personal taste. Every wooden floor is unique. We can even arrange a comprehensive consultation with you on request. Ask about the prices of our floor coverings.

We do not just offer floor coverings such as parquet, we also manufacture wooden stairs in our own production facility. You can even count on us for building timber or firewood.

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