History of the HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill

Our sawmill is at the heart of the company. It stands at the historic centre of the timber industry in our region and has existed in its present form for over 100 years. You can obtain wood for heating, fireplaces or building timber directly from the sawmill. We also offer professional cutting of logs and lumber.

Woodworking has a long tradition in this region

Wood has been sourced from our nearby forests for over two hundred years. The current building was erected at the beginning of the 20th century.

The introduction of electric saws and machines made working in the sawmill easier. Industrial manufacturing of building timber and firewood had begun.

Sägewerk in Luppa (Wermsdorf) bei Leipzig

Wood and timber trade

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Sawmill from Leipzig with modern machinery

The HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill now has a state-of-the-art machine plant. All the same, we are proud of our tradition and our building’s history. Now in the third generation, we are constantly expanding our range and moving with the times.

Our customers benefit from large production capacities and a team of specialists.

Whether you are looking for advice or to make a purchase straight from our sawmill, we are your partner when it comes to wood. We have our own collections and contribute our own expertise – particularly when it comes to floor coverings. You will be impressed by our floorboards and parquet flooring.

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Fast production, high quality

Leipziger Sägewerk mit modernen Maschinenpark

A few decades ago, wood was still being transported from the forests to the mill. This process is now quick and reliable. We source different types of wood from the region and work them according to our customers’ requests. Our range is targeted at both B2B customers and private buyers. You can purchase a lot of the items in our range pre-packaged directly from the mill.

This is made possible thanks to a modern machine plant that allows larger logs to be worked quickly and neatly and can also cut firewood. The wood is also worked so gently that it retains its natural structure. Our mill with its attached carpentry shop is where we turn the wood into high-quality floor coverings and wooden staircases for our customers.

Our products on site

If you are looking for high-quality native wood types, you have come to the right place. We can offer your beech, oak and softwoods.

The wood comes from FSC- and PEFC-certified forests.

This label tells you that the trees are cultivated and felled in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. No deforestation, no illegal clearings, and ecologically compatible biodiversity.

Our timber shop is where you can buy both high-quality building timber and less desirable firewood. Beech, oak and softwoods make for particularly high-yield firewoods. Their long combustion duration also means that they are very cost effective to burn.

You can buy firewood from us without needing an appointment. Just come and visit us and ask for a consultation. We always have large quantities of firewood, cut logs, and short and long lumber in stock. The packages are already tied up for you to transport them. You can transport short logs as a loose load. In addition to our range of firewood, we can also offer you wood shavings or beech wood for your smokehouse.

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High-quality native woods

There are plenty of great reasons to choose native woods. Exotic types of wood such as cedar and walnut do offer a certain appeal, but when it comes to robustness, native oaks and beeches lead the pack.

Qualität und einem fairen Preis

Our sawmill staff will be happy to advise you on the use of solid wood. When buying firewood, you should also consider the fact that it is an unavoidable by-product of woodworking.

We are willing to cut firewood to size for customers, but the low prices you can enjoy by buying one of our large packages are justified by the sustainability of this approach.

We take preserving healthy forests seriously. That is why we choose wood from this region, as we can trace its origin.

Zuschnitt-Service für Ihr Bauvorhaben

As our customer, you will benefit from select high quality and a fair price thanks to our ability to avoid long logistics routes. In other words, our customers benefit across the board from our sustainable approach.

Customisation service for your building plans

Heimische Hölzer von hoher Qualität

We can cut logs into planks or lumber according to your requirements. If larger quantities are involved, please make an appointment and tell us the dimensions you require. Our machines can handle native and exotic solid wood types. Once we have cut it to the correct size, you can use the building timber for whatever plans you have. You can also make a selection from our range of wood types. Whether it is for wooden ceilings, planks, slabs or wainscoting, we can offer you building timber for every purpose.

The prices of our services and wood are based on the value and the time taken. We will be happy to advise you either in person at our premises or over the phone. Our specialists know which woods are suitable for whatever building plans you have in mind. Alternatively, if you are planning to lay wooden floors in your property, HOLZ-BARAN is your ideal partner. With over six years of experience in manufacturing and laying parquet and floorboards, we have developed into a real specialist in this sector. We will be happy to tell you about this service when you visit our sawmill.

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Buy wood in the HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill

At the HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill, you can purchase premium class building timber, firewood, kindling wood, ecological oak briquette, pallets and wooden packagings. You can also order services, such as cutting wood into lumber or beams… The HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill is located in a historical place. As early as over two hundred years ago, wood from nearby forests was processed at the location of our company’s current seat. It is here where the technological revolution, witnessed by many people, took place – hard-working horses and people were supported by electric saws and machines. Today, wood processing and treatment take much less time.

The HOLZ-BARAN GmbH sawmill is equipped with a modern machinery park; it has big productive capacities, qualified staff and is continuously developing its offer that is dedicated for both individual and corporate customers (B2B).

Holzzuschnitt - Sägewerk in Luppa (Wermsdorf) bei Leipzig

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Timber – We have the following timber on offer:

Wood pallets - Sawmill - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

High quality building material and material for carpentry works, among others:

  • Rafter framing
  • Battens
  • Soffits
  • Joists
  • Wooden ceilings
  • Square timber
  • Counter battens
  • Balks
  • Builder planks, usw.
  • Cladding boards, etc.
Bauholz kaufen

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Heating material – We offer the following heating materials:

Beech firewood short

Beech firewood short: Gitterbox – vol. of approx. 0.840 thrown spatial metre, pieces with the length of approx. (10-35 cm); fresh timber, not dried.

Beech firewood long

Beech firewood long: package with the vol. of approx. 1 spatial metre, Composition: square timber with the length of approx. 1m, stacked at the height of approx. 1metre (1m x1m); fresh timber, not dried.

Nadelbrennholz kurz

Nadelbrennholz kurz – Nadelholz, Inhalt – Gitterbox mit einer Kapazität von ca. 0,84 Schüttraummeter, in Stücken fallender Länge, vorgelagert

Nadelbrennholz lang

Nadelbrennholz lang: Nadelholz, Kanthölzern mit einer Länge von ca.1m, vorgelagert, Inhalt- Paket ca. 1 RM.

Brennschnittholz Eiche fein

Brennschnittholz Eiche fein – Eiche, Inhalt – Gitterbox mit einer Kapazität von ca. 0,84 Schüttraummeter, in Stücken fallender Länge, vorgelagert.

Brennschnittholz Eiche grob

Brennschnittholz Eiche grob – Eiche, Inhalt – Gitterbox mit einer Kapazität von ca. 0,84 Schüttraummeter, in Stücken fallender Länge, vorgelagert.

Hard wood briquettes – oak

Fully ecological, with a strong and nice smell of wood, does not contain adhesives, compacted under very high pressure, in the form of cubes, calorific value: approx. 4.8KWh; humidity: approx. 8%; ash: approx. 1%; 1000 kg on a pallet (100 bags 10 kg each); a disposable pallet included in the price; Composition: 100% sawdust of deciduous trees: oak sawdust (98%) with trace amounts of other hard trees such as beech, hornbeam, sycamore, ash tree (2%)


Firewood – nail wood, packed in mesh box – capacity of 0.84 thrown space Marketers. Salary: pieces of softwood boards.

Oak Splinter & Mixed Splinter

Oak Splinter & Mixed Splinter – Package of a capacity of about 1m, 2m or 3m. Contents: oak or mixed wood, package approx. 1RM, 2RM or 3RM, upstream.

Mixed wooden edgings

Wooden edgings – bundle vol. of approx. 2.5-3 spatial metres (2.5-3 x 1); composition: Mixed wood (oak, beech, sometimes even coniferous).

Beech wood for grilling/smoking

Beech wood for grilling/smoking: package with the vol. of approx. 0.3 spatial metre. Composition: square timber of the length of approx. 1m – bundle.

Sawdust– Oak or mixed.

Cutting timber

In order to purchase or order our products, call, email or visit us at our sawmill that is open from Monday to Friday, between 7.00 AM and 4.30 PM. Customers who would like to meet us at another time can call us and make an individual appointment.

Heizmaterial kaufen

For the purpose of purchase our products please contact us

In order to purchase or order our products, call, email or visit us at our sawmill that is open from Monday to Friday, between 7.00 AM and 4.30 PM. Customers who would like to meet us at another time can call us and make an individual appointment.

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