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Skirting boards for all requirements

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH skirting boards can satisfy your individual requirements entirely.

Whether you would like them untreated, oiled, varnished, planed or sanded – you will find that there are hardly any limits on the design options for our skirting boards.

You are guaranteed to find the right skirting board for your wooden floor. With regard to the material, you can choose at will between:

  • Oak
  • Smoked oak
  • Red oak
  • Ash

Skirting boards

Skirting Board Production - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

You have just finished laying your new parquet flooring. However, you are still missing something you need for a harmonious overall picture: the skirting boards.

These can be quickly and easily fixed to the wall to round off the floor nicely.

Skirting boards not only protect your walls, they are also the perfect accompaniment to the floorboards.

What style of living are you interested in?

Skirting boards are generally considered unobtrusive and usually pass all but unnoticed. But with an attractive look and the right design, these boards tucked away at the edge of wooden floors can quickly become real eye-catchers.

We can offer you these practical elements in very different versions and décor styles. Benefit from a very wide variety of décor styles and finishes and underscore your own style of living.

Tip: An LED strip attached above the skirting board can conjure up some beautiful highlights and a cosy, homely atmosphere, especially when the lights are dimmed and at dusk.

Baseboards from our own production

Sockelleisten aus eigener Produktion

Country house style

Cosy, homely, rustic – that is country living.

Natural materials are very much at the forefront. A protruding genuine-wood cupboard and floorboards in light oak harmonise wonderfully with skirting boards made of the same material.

It can even be slanted and feature attractive wood graining.

Modern style of living

A modern style of living is considered simple and timeless.

Here, furniture in colours such as anthracite, white and black meets decorative elements with a white high-gloss look.

If the home has the grey-tone floorboards to match, then subdued wooden skirting boards in a subtle white are the order of the day.

The unassuming and straightforward design with no profile is easy to integrate into a modern style of living, discreet and inconspicuous as it is.

Classic style of living

Do you prefer a classic ambience with high-quality materials and exquisite furniture?

Do you imagine a teak coffee table and a dark leather sofa meeting cherrywood floorboards? Solid-wood skirting boards painted white form a very beautiful contrast.

Specially decorated profiles with narrow grooves will give your space a classic look.

Stylish wooden skirting boards

Solid-wood skirting boards are extremely popular. That should not come as a surprise, as this kind of skirting board is considered very stable and robust. As the name suggests, these skirting boards are made of pure wood.

What’s special about a solid-wood skirting board is its natural graining, a feature that is retained during woodworking. The graining will lend your living space a certain charm while also making a quality impression.

Baseboards for solid wood planks

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These models are particularly well suited to solid-wood floors or solid-wood floorboards made of oak. A wooden skirting board can also easily be used as a ceiling strip.

If your ceiling has wooden panelling, for example, a solid-wood skirting board provides an ideal transition to the wall.

You can see: The simplicity of these elements means that they can be used anywhere.

Skirting boards available in many colour tones, colours and treatment variants

Like our floorboards, our skirting boards are also available in many colour tones, colours and treatment variants (such as oiling, brushing, whitewashing, varnishing and ageing).

This allows you to match the skirting board to your floorboards. After all, the individuality, exclusivity and quality of our products are HOLZ-BARAN GmbH number one concern.

In order to be able to assure the quality of our materials as fully as possible, we source our wood ourselves and process it in our own sawmill. The end results are functional skirting boards and high-quality parquet and floorboards.

Solid wood strips from our own production

Skirting Board Production - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

What are skirting boards or skirting boards?

Decorative with a protection function – skirting boards

Skirting boards are generally narrow strips that offer a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing finish between the wall and the floor. Skirting boards will give your four walls a stylish and tidy appearance while being the optimum design for the transition between the wall and the floorboards.

Furthermore, a skirting board keeps dirt away from your wall and protects the wall from impact damage such as when you are vacuuming or mopping. Skirting boards with a cable duct are particularly practical, as you can hide cables behind them quickly and easily.

Skirting Boards

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What distinguishes floor strips?

Skirting Boards not only as a design element for your wall

On the one hand, skirting boards are a design element. On the other, they also ensure that the expansion joint that needs to be left beside the wall when laying laminate or parquet is covered.

After all, floor coverings such as laminate or parquet always require a certain gap between them and the wall due to their tendency to swell and expand.

Properties of skirting boards

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How to attach baseboards? Simply fasten skirting boards using different methods

Skirting boards can be fixed to the wall using various methods:

  • Mounting clips
  • Adhesive

Attach skirting boards

Skirting Board Production - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Mounting with mounting clips

Models with fitting clips have the advantage of being easy to remove again.

Should they become damaged, for example, you can easily replace them.

Furthermore, you can also remove them when wallpapering or painting to ensure that they remain in a pristine condition.

Adhesive skirting boards

Adhesive skirting boards can be attached without the need for tools and do not result in drill holes in the wall or skirting board.

If the skirting boards are not too thick, they can also be fixed with nails.

Our customer advisors are always at your disposal with tips and information.

Buy wooden skirting boards

Our offer comprises the following standard dimensions (width x height):

  • 20mm x 40mm
  • 20mm x 50mm
  • 20mm x 60mm
  • 20mm x 80mm
  • 20mm x 100mm

We are, however, not limited to these standard dimensions and will be happy to produce skirting boards to customer-specific requirements.

Skirtings from our own production

Skirting Board Production - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Skirting boards to match our wooden floor collections

The skirting boards give your four walls a stylish and tidy appearance and make the transition from wall to floorboards visually advantageous.

In addition, our skirting boards are the perfect companion to our wooden floor collections. We manufacture the matching skirting board made of solid wood to match your selected wooden floor, with cable routing if required. Of course, you also make the choice here as to how your skirting boards are to be attached – with mounting clips or for gluing.

Wooden floor collections

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If you have any questions about our wooden floor collections and their skirting boards, please contact us – the HOLZ-BARAN GmbH team will be happy to advise you.

Our wooden floor collections

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