Exclusive & individual Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid-wood floorboards in various designs

Massivholzdielen – Exklusiver & individueller Dielenboden aus Holz

Buy Oak floorboards or country house floorboards

Solid wood floorboards

Flooring comprising solid-wood floorboards not only looks beautiful, it can also have a significant influence on the character of a room.

Real wooden floorboards exude peace and warmth Furthermore, they contribute to an agreeable ambience and can be treated in different ways.

Production of solid oak floorboards and other precious woods

Massivholzdielen - Holzfüßböden - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Order planks or oak planks in three different variations

We offer oak floorboards and country house floorboards of top quality. You will be able to enjoy the benefits these floors offer for many years to come.

Growth rings, ingrown knurls and the surface workmanship give each floor a unique look.

Highest quality oak & country house floorboards

Landhausdielen oder Eichendielen in drei verschiedenen Arten bestellen

Natural solid-wood floorboards

Eiche Natur Geölt

Unique look

Fine graining and clear transitions between colours and shadings give these solid-wood floorboards a unique look.

Knurls up to a maximum diameter of no more than 25 millimetres are to be found in the boards. A calm look and an atmospheric overall picture make for a lovely ambience.

Losses of up to 12 millimetres in size are smoothed out. This ensures that the attractively natural look of these wooden floorboards is retained.

Striking solid-wood floorboards

Markant Massivholzdielen

Intense colour transitions

Striking is not just a name, it is also a perfect description. The floorboards with their intense colour transitions and random placement of growth rings catch the eye from the very first glance.

Ingrown knurls with a diameter of between 50 and 60 millimetres, and cleanly smoothed losses, make for an interesting look.

These floors are striking, conspicuous and yet pleasingly natural – they are bound to draw attention.

Rustic solid-wooden floorboards

Rustik Massivholzdielen

Solid and unique

Rustic and yet harmonious. That is the best way to describe a floor comprising these solid-wood floorboards.

Different colours and shadings as well as a random distribution of growth rings and knurls in all sizes give the floor a natural look and the feel of real handicraft. Woodworm holes, sapwood and smoothed losses add a pleasing touch of disarray to the overall impression.

All of these elements make these wooden floorboards a real eye-catcher in any room. You can achieve even more ambience only with individual treatment of the floorboards.

Comprehensive service for our customers

Wooden floorboards are also very easy to lay, with a little practice, while still offering a very high level of stability and safety.

We produce each individual board exactly to size, meaning that they can be slotted together very simply when being laid.

Of course, we also offer our customers finished floors. By choosing our solid-wood floorboards, however, you can choose the appearance and the necessary treatment for your flooring by yourself.

High-quality solid wood planks

If you have a particular request or a particular design in mind for your wooden floor, just get in touch with us.

We always endeavour to put every effort into fulfilling our customers’ wishes. That is how we are able to offer individual solutions at an attractive price.

You will receive a wooden floor that fully satisfies your individual requirements. And it will use the best-quality wooden floorboards. You can be just as flexible in your selection.

Wooden floorboards that are easy to lay – a lifetime of quality

Umfassender Service für unsere Kunden

The main advantage of high-quality floorboards is in their durability

Regular sanding and resealing will make your floor like new. This will allow you to enjoy a pleasant room ambience for many years to come.

When you buy our wooden floorboards, you are investing in a floor covering that will last for many years to come.

Thanks to the work we put into our floorboards and our high degree of flexibility in production, we are able to fulfil many of your wishes.

Other wood solutions

Wood solutions

In addition to classic solid-wood floorboards, we also offer two-layer floorboards, wooden staircases and skirting boards, as well as building timber and firewood. This allows us to put the environmentally friendly raw material that is wood to optimum use for our customers.

We use every last bit of the trees we select so there is no waste. This means our customers can enjoy our floorboards with a good conscience.

Classic solid-wood floorboards


Solid-wood floorboards produced right here by us

From felling the trees to working the wood in our own sawmill, we don’t leave any aspect of our work to chance

So fertigen wir unsere Dielen

For the perfect floor, however, the quality of the floorboards and the workmanship applied to them is a deciding factor.

By selecting the right wood and working it to the highest professional standards, we are able to offer our customers floorboards of the best quality.

Our logs and building timber all come from suppliers in this region. That means that they come from German and PEFC- and FSC®-certified European forests.

Fragen Sie uns nach PEFC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about PEFC certified products.

Fragen Sie uns nach FSC-zertifizierten Produkten

Ask us about FSC®-certified products.

Our wooden floor collections

Luxus Fußbodendielen für Wohn- oder Geschäftsräume

In order to satisfy our customers’ wishes and requirements, we have a whole range of different collections of finished floors in our assortment. These wooden floorboards have been treated using various techniques in order to attain a particular appearance.

If you are looking for a very specific look, we recommend that you take a closer look at our floor collections.

Whether Vintage, Original, Basic, Individual or Luxury: Each collection offers you a range of individually designed floorboards that can lend your home an entirely new look and an atmosphere all of its own.

Whether they are oiled, varnished, brushed, planed or whitewashed: The individual treatment of our floors using different processes allows us to offer an extremely wide range of products all based on a uniform raw material.

In addition to our exclusive collections, we are also happy to manufacture completely according to your wishes.

Wooden floor collections

Comprehensive consulting for you

If you would now like to find out more about our assortment or arrange a consultation, we will be happy to talk to you.

Our specialist advisors will be there to support you and provide you with a comprehensive and tailored consultation.

As experts for wooden floorboards in various versions, we will also be happy to advise you about the individual design of your solid-wood floorboards and floors as well as how to lay and care for them.

To place an order, simply get in touch with us at +49 (0) 34361 51577 or send an e-mail.

We look forward to heating from you.