High-quality & elegant wooden floors of the Original collection

Original Wooden Floor Collection

When something simple becomes something special.

Minimalists appreciate the features offered by the Original collection

With this new collection, HOLZ-BARAN GmbH is showing its diversity once again.

The quality of the floor coverings is unique, and the selection of wood types, classes and colour tones means that the collection has the right floorboard for any requirement.

These floorboards are the optimum complement to a clear, purist or minimalist living style. Each individual board represents a lot of expertise and craftsmanship.

The floor coverings in the Original collection are the product of careful woodworking, with the oxidative oil reinforcing their positive features

Wood generally has a positive effect on the microclimate inside a building. Once the oil is applied, the effect is even clearer. The oxidative oil protects the floorboards and lends them an agreeable warmth. The surface feels great to the touch.

The floor coverings in the original collection have clearly visible growth rings in their wood. This gives the wooden floor an attractive appearance while also improving the room’s atmosphere.

If you don’t just want to live in your home, but want a sense of well-being while doing so, you will find an exclusive parquet floor from the Original series to be the perfect housemate.

The wide spectrum of the Original collection

Original - - HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

At HOLZ-BARAN GmbH, you will find not only a large selection of products, but also professional advice.

If you would like to buy a wooden floor, special requests are – of course – possible.

The wooden floor collection is diverse and offers the right floorboard for almost every taste and style of living.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you with special requests at any time. In addition to high quality, customer satisfaction also plays a decisive role for our employees.

The wooden floors in the Original collection are smooth floors with a natural look

Yet while these wooden floors may look smooth, they actually have a slightly tactile wood structure, which means no risk of slipping.

The wood is treated with oxidative oil during the woodworking process. This means that it has a positive effect on a room’s atmosphere.

The warm touch and feel of the wood, not to mention its beautiful colour tones, also make a parquet floor from the Original collection into a particularly high-quality and attractive floor covering.

It’s your choice! The wide assortment of floorboards leaves nothing to be desired

  • The Bleached Ash and Hazy boards are relatively light in colour.
  • The Silverstone board, which tends more towards grey and silver, is an interesting shade.
  • Cinnamon, Cocobolo and Cognac are attractive floor coverings for anyone who appreciates warm and natural wood tones.
  • Carmel and Solar Breeze also have a natural allure.
  • The Nut, Oiled Beech and Salamandra variants offer attractive contrasts.

With these different floorboards, you have the ability to put together an individual room design.

A top-quality wooden floor is a purchase that pays for itself over a long period.

Umfassender Service für unsere Kunden

When the quality and workmanship are right, your purchase will have a long service life.

If you set great store by a natural and healthy living environment, a parquet floor is a safe choice.

As wood is a renewable resource, it is also sustainable; its cultivation and processing are ecologically compatible.

By purchasing a wood product, you are therefore making an active contribution to protecting the environment.

Samples of the wooden floor collection Original

Bleached ash








Oiled beech



Solar breeze

The Original series – perfect for private and commercial use

A high-quality parquet floor really comes into its own in a living space.

Give your home a floor that reflects your personal style.

The smooth wooden floorboards, with their attractive structure and surface treatment with oxidative oil, lend living rooms and bedrooms a pleasant ambience.

top-quality wooden floor is also ideal for halls, nurseries and other rooms.

Parquet floors from the Original collection are also an excellent addition to offices, law firms or doctors’ practices.

Moreover, floor coverings from HOLZ-BARAN GmbH make for practical, durable and attractive floors for hotels, bars and restaurants.

If you are looking for the right floorboards for your project, our advice will help you make the right decision.

At HOLZ-BARAN GmbH, you’re not just buying floorboards, you’re also buying a piece of top-quality living.

Sustainable and ecologically sound: Premium-quality wooden floors

Hochwertige Holzdielen aus Eiche altern stilvoll!

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH has a high degree of skill and know-how when it comes to wood.

The renowned company has been around for more than 100 years. From its origins of a woodland and a sawmill, a flourishing company has grown.

The family-owned business in the heart of Saxony focuses entirely on woodworking. The material we use is mostly from our own land.

Our wooden floor collections

Individual consulting and friendly service

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH employees produce high-quality floor coverings in the company’s own sawmill, with the range also including wooden staircasesskirting boards, building timber and firewood.

There is always room for special requests – because, even though we have a comprehensive range, our customers’ wishes always come first. Quite simply, we’re not satisfied until you are. This is why we endeavour to fulfil your wishes at every stage of the process – from consultation through to delivery.

You are making the right decision by choosing the Original wooden floor collection. After all, you are purchasing exclusive floorboards that will still be with you for many years to come, lending a pleasant ambience to your home.