The Vintage collection of wooden floors presents floor coverings with a timeless look

The various styles and types come in classic, antique and rustic. There is a lot of craftsmanship in these oiled floorboards. The special feature of these floorboards is their old-style appearance – their vintage look is bound to remind you of days gone by. If you like the charming living and decorating styles of yesteryear, you will love the current collection.


Core – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


Expressed – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Noble oak

Noble oak – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Old Whisky

Old Whisky – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


Savana – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Snow storm

Snow storm – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


Sunset – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Time Travel

Time Travel – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Wild nature

Wild nature – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


Woodworm – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Back to nature

Back to nature – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Back to wild nature

Back to wild nature – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Back to n. white

Back to nature white – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

Back to nature 2

Back to nature – Vintage Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH

This wooden floor collection, however, is anything but old-fashioned. The floor coverings come into their own just as well in a youthful environment or in a rustic ambience. Deciding on a parquet or wooden floor from Baran means choosing a floor of exclusive quality. These high-quality wooden floorboards with an antique touch reveal the carpenter’s skill. Floorboards with real artistry are a floor covering that will add real warmth to the ambience of your home.

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The Vintage collection: Oiled floorboards for experts and aesthetes

Are you not only looking for top-quality floorboards, but also a wooden floorboard with a particular look? The Vintage floor collection will surprise you. Our interest in vintage and retro is an expression of our longing for a perfect world.

Your home is not only a roof over your head, it is – ideally – a cosy space to live. Turn your four walls into a place of well-being, a place that welcomes friends and family. The floor covering grounds the room and offers structure. It sets the tone. Together with lovingly chosen furniture, the floor covering gives your home a harmonious vibe.

You can buy old-style wooden floorboards in many variations

Discover beautiful wood tones, interesting structures and attractive impressions. Even the names of the floorboards will give you a good first impression:

  • Sunset, Back to Nature and Snow Storm will turn your home into an abode close to nature while also exuding a modern and fresh aura.
  • Time Travel will take you back to the good old days, while Old Whisky will add a touch of British country house atmosphere.
  • The delightful floorboards named Core and Expressed have had as much handiwork put into them as Noble Oak, Savana and Woodworm.

Within the Vintage collection, certain series may have a different form or design. We will offer you comprehensive advice before you make the decision to purchase a wooden floor. Then you can be sure that your expectations will be met and that you are making the right choice.

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Parquet flooring and floorboards from HOLZ-BARAN GmbH: Exclusive look and outstanding quality

Perfekte Holzfußböden für private und gewerbliche Nutzung

Why is the floor so important to a room’s ambience? You can feel the difference:

Stand for a while on an uncomfortable cold floor then switch to high-quality solid floorboards. The comparison will show you that wood is an incomparable material that changes every space in a most appealing way. Add to this the visual effect of exclusive floorboards.

The floorboards with a vintage character are so beautiful that they will automatically improve the ambience of any room. The old-style collection’s wide selection ensures that you will find the right wooden floorboards for your personal decorating style.

Investing in exclusive, high-quality floorboards is worth it

The long service life and enduring beauty of real wooden floorboards justify the higher price. Treat yourself to a floor that lends the ambience of your home that certain special something. Retro-style floorboards work well outside home environments too.

If you are decorating a shop or a café, say, you are bound to find some tempting variants within our attractive assortment. If you have any special requests, just talk to us – we can help you put the right solution for a perfect wooden floor together.

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Your personal purchase consultation with a flooring expert

You don’t just buy floor coverings in passing. Meticulous consulting and planning precede any purchase. HOLZ-BARAN GmbH employees will be happy to support you at every stage.

Our wide experience with floor coverings ensures that you will receive the right advice. Our strong commitment to customers and ample experience make us the right partner for you when it comes to buying floorboards and parquet flooring.

HOLZ-BARAN GmbH treats wood with love and care. The material we use is mostly from our own land. We apply our specialist knowledge to making sure our sawmill and company produce perfect results.

Handicraft plays an indispensable role in ensuring that our floor coverings get such high-quality results.

Das Unternehmen Baran behandelt Holz mit Liebe und Sorgfalt

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Wooden Floor Collections

Die Kollektion Vintage: Geölte Fußbodendielen für Kenner und Ästheten


Vintage Kollektion

Minimalisten schätzen die Eigenschaften der Holzfußboden Kollektion Original


Original Kollektion



Individual Kollektion



Luxury Kollektion



Basic Kollektion

Black gold – Individual Collection – Wooden Floors – HOLZ-BARAN GmbH


2019 Kollektion


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HOLZ-BARAN GmbH guarantees masterly craftsmanship

Our renowned family-owned company has been in the woodworking business for more than a hundred years. See for yourself the high quality that our Vintage wooden floor collection and our other collections have to offer.

By the way: As well as parquet and wooden floorboards, we also produce wooden staircases and skirting boards. The assortment also contains building timber and firewood.

As a specialist enterprise with extensive expertise in wood and woodworking, we offer excellent quality and all-round friendly service.

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